Caroline Harvey

In Issue 5 on March 24, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Did They Sing

This morning, over coffee, my friend and I talk of Noah
and of the surge
that disappeared the whole world.

We imagine the impossible list:
The wooly creatures.
The numbed, clinging lovers.
The merciless rattlers.
The creatures with nighttime wings.
The frantic chaos of paperthin insect swarms,
the beetles and the ladybugs,
flapping, flapping, impotent.

We hold tight to those favored few,
marooned together on
that ramshackle boat in the sea.
We ache for them.

Surely they weren’t all faithful to
a rainbow and a whisp of a cloud.
Not with so much vast, indescribable nothingness
and wet.
Surely some of them must have wanted to dive in and

We ask each other,
how would it be, to have been chosen by God
to live,
when others were not.
To carry abundance as your burden,
to know it is your place to begin everything

Surely some of them must have fallen, or

We wonder if they dreamed,
or did they nightmare.
Was their sleep festering with fear
the way mine is sometimes.

Or did they laugh together and tend to smiles,
the kittens and the baby chicks pecking and pouncing
at their feet.

Or did they sing–
the humans and the monkeys and the wolves
rising their voices up
all together,
conjuring light from
the blacked out, inexhaustible moon.

Yes. We like to think that
some of them
have sung.


Caroline Harvey‘s writing has been featured in print and film, including the anthology High Desert Voices, Harvard’s The Charles River Review, and on Season 5 of HBO’s Def Poetry. Currently an Artist in Residence at Berklee College of Music, Caroline has performed and taught at schools and organizations nationwide such as YouthSpeaks, The Esalen Institute, Lesley University, UC Berkeley and UCLA. A past member and coach of winning poetry slam teams, Caroline also works with The Attleboro Arts Museum to facilitate writing projects for teens in foster care. She is committed to working with at-risk youth and survivors of trauma.

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