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Issue 4

In announcements, Issue 4, Winners of the Numinous Magazine Poetry Prize on October 31, 2009 at 8:00 am


Image (Copyright © 2009 Tammy Ho)

Winners of the 2009 Numinous Magazine Poetry Prize:

1st PrizeTina Simpson‘s “From Here”

2nd Prize Mary Belardi Erickson‘s “As A Leaf”

3rd PrizeAnnie Finch‘s “Goddess”

plus New Work by:

Martin Burke

Aristotle Sinclair

Taylor Graham

Paul Vreeland

Leonard Kress

Rebecca Gayle Howell

G David Schwartz

Jane Williams

Catherine Zickgraf

Jeff Klooger

Julia Guez

Bobbi Lurie

Henry Rasof

Robert Gresak

Mary Belardi Erickson

Christy Collins

Liz Afton