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Mervyn Linford

In Issue 7 on September 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm

“September Morning” – for Edward de Seago

The twentieth of August
and that feeling is upon us:
that mute and mellow

sense of summer’s ending
where sound is doves
and bees and stridulation

and willowherb and thistledown
are scuffed by breezes
that one scarcely calls a breath.

The harvest fields are gilded:
the air a lactic blue –
and summer’s heat

but residues of silence
where swallow keep
their station on the wires

and ploughshares open
up the dying earth.
Blackberries, sloes, damsons:

the world is turning purple –
a painting by Edward de Seago
“September Morning”

where gold infusions
liquefy the mist
and love is truly tangible.

Fear not the wasp:
the diminutive, tetchy tiger –
this is the weather for saints;

for saints and angels.
There is no sting in fecundity –
no hurt in succulence.


Mervyn Linford has been writing seriously both poetry and prose for some 40 years. His work has been published in many mags and periodicals, broadcast on local and national radio. He has published six prose works and six collections of poetry including his ‘selected poems 1980 – 2006’ – two collections were published by the brentham press of st albans and the rest by his own small press (littoral press). His small press publishes other poets and up to now has published 12 collections from 8 different poets.