Carol Alexander

In Issue 9 on January 23, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Magpie Heart

She who pushed me forth, my berth once was,
her nest of speckled eggs for brief time safe
from winged world that mauls its starveling young.

She of magpie heart, all flutter and desire,
now lies within the fastness of a tree, unmoving as the tree–
cursing seasons for their tedium, their sylvan brevity.

Said bright leaf to caustic root,
what I know, I learned of you.

The grass is rich with hidden things whose motion
stirs the piney green; seizing opportunity,
the magpie heart, fixed on Morpho lamellae,

would swoop to conquer iridescent wing
but cannot break from bark of binding branch
albeit ice might crack her hateful, hollow tree.

Here is one who wills your change, a shift from prison
of this body, pierced by thorns of bleeding rose,
to the azure fields where we¹d walk two by two.

Said bright leaf to caustic root,
what I know, I learned of you.


Carol Alexander is a New York City-based author and editor. A writer for trade and educational publishing, she has authored numerous children’s books, served as a ghostwriter for radio and trade publishing, and taught at colleges around the metropolitan area. In 2011-2012, her poetry appears in literary journals and anthologies published by Avocet, Chiron Review, Cave Moon Press, The Canary, Danse Macabre, Earthspeak ,Fade Poetry Journal, Fat Daddy’s Farm Press, Fried Chicken and Coffee, Mobius, Numinous, OVS, Red Poppy Review, Sleeping Cat Books, and The Whistling Fire.

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