Sabrina Wise

In Issue 9 on January 13, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Love Before

Up the creek a ways, you linger in the outstretched light.

Here, a fallen tree branch
hunches in the creek bed
like a repentant question mark,
in place for so long
its moss has woven with the green of the rocks.

Will you taste it, forgiveness?
Pull the branch free,
let the creek rush toward the light
in rippling exhale?

Are you surprised by the freedom?
Did you know it was missing?
Move forward by heart,
the creek–
or maybe it is god–
finally rushing within you.


Sabrina Wise is an undergraduate student at Whitman College, and studies writing with Katrina Roberts, Juan Martinez, and Kim Rosen. She serves on the staff of blue moon, Whitman’s award-winning literary magazine. Her poetry and prose have appeared in blue moon, The Marin County Poetry Anthology, and The Marin Independent Journal. In 2011, she received an award from Columbia Scholastic Press for Best Literary Single Spread.

  1. This is a young poet to watch! The “repentant question mark” will be with me forever. I am in my 50’s and moved by the language and the knowing of this young woman.

  2. […] web magazine devoted to spiritual poetry. You can check out my poem on the Numinous site here. (And feel free to comment on it– you don’t have to sign in or anything like […]

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