Alessandro Cusimano

In Issue 8 on October 22, 2011 at 1:28 pm

The Brigade

countless eyes mislaid
still in the light

all appears undisclosed

a glint in a lifetime
a vision with no depth
a false dawn


lives hanging in the air
like never free lives

as if time had stopped

in a glacier of emotions
cast into a bottomless pit

before a regret depicted
by the icy warmth
of a pale smile


Alessandro Cusimano was born in Palermo, Italy, on July 2, 1967. He lives in Rome, where he is writer, poet, translator. Anarchist and visionary, painful and surreal, his works reflect on anxiety, crush conventions and illusions, proclaiming, with a barrage of words, that life is, by its nature, a scandal. An unconventional path, funny and desperate, populated by staring puppets and strange creatures whose life unfolds between sarcasm and resentful emotion. Appeared recently on the international literary stage, some of his writings have been published by The Cynic Online Magazine, Decanto Magazine, The Recusant, Streetcake Magazine, Deadman’s Tome, RED OCHRE Lit, Black Cat Poems, Orion’s Child Magazine.

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