Sarah Rehfeldt

In Issue 8 on October 19, 2011 at 12:29 pm


It is no small thing to have come here,
child that you are,
remembering what was lost,
searching the sky
for that which was wet and beautiful about this place.
The clouds, for instance,
half-stained in memory,
their place on the horizon slowly gathering attention.
Or the wind, perhaps,
threadlike and quiet,
finding its way here again,
back into this world,
no longer pressing to the earth.
Even now the clear green-gold of summer
is opening into autumn.
Even now the rain,
wanting to keep this sound alive,
is picking up where it left off.


Sarah Rehfeldt is a writer, artist, and photographer from western Washington. Her most recent publications include: Presence Journal; Stone Voices; Untitled Country Review; and DailyHaiga. Her photography pages can be viewed here:


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