Marc Carver

In Issue 8 on October 1, 2011 at 12:09 pm

The philosophy of the one way street

Some days I can sit down and write great masterpieces in my mind
A long stream of consciousness comes to me
Like a shop window on a busy high street.

It comes and comes almost relentlessly until I have to write something down
In the hope that one day that final piece of work will be written.
The last text.

What about
if It continues even after you are dead
The thoughts remain the same
But you have no physical way to touch people with them.
They are thoughts locked in a jam jar universe

Or what about
if you can pass them back through the divide to the living.
Give them back to people

But wait if that is the case
Am I sure my thoughts are my own
Or are they dead people’s
and I
won’t even start to write poetry
until I am dead.
Could it be a two way street
The living can never know.

you can wait for death to find out
Or you can go and pass those words
At every chance you get.

So regardless of ownership
I chose to come out of my tv plasma cave

A place with everything I want
But nothing I really need
And pass these words
To you.


Marc Carver has published five collections of poetry and over two hundred poems around the world.

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