Eric Silverman

In Issue 7 on August 16, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Assisi’s modern order

Every day I pass
St. Francis Boulevard
the fountain
in the neighborhood
in the city of St. Francis
thinking Someone’s giving me a sign
there’s always work for an employed
in this town

As the inland plains expand with heat
Fog invades the natives on the streets
Assisi’s robed conquistador

It is August and Texans are stifled
Here, in this natural air conditioned
summer is a silvered print
of an old photograph, hotels
that charge by the hour
where San Franciscans and whores run
their missions
and priests turn away
as doors slide shut

Above upper Market
lights shine on street people oblivious
a forthright, imperfect army of errant knights
I know how the soldier feels
in the struggle with hopelessness
striving to be that clear-minded
Channel of Peace
his to claim, kill
or pursue, till Kingdom come.


Eric Silverman‘s poetry is featured in a Japanese restaurant in San Francisco and has been praised by noted poet Gerald Stern and local award winning writer Joan Gelfand. He spends time between San Francisco and the east coast. He is a licensed teacher of English, and when not cooking up poems and killing snakes, is at work on a novel about a dead Talmudic scholar with an agenda.

  1. Great poem Eric and great evocation of the spirit of San Francisco.

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