Brad Comann

In Issue 7 on July 5, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Market Near Jinsong

Oh cheap green resin portraying a Kuan Yin
Or Green Tara, reclining there on coastal rocks
As I too rest on a poorly designed sofa
In my Beijing apartment…but I couldn’t resist
Your remove, show-cased on a tarp, in a robe
Of snow, the vendor delighted by my willingness
At the Sunday Market, where aisles and aisles
Of Eastern objects go on display—inflated prices,
Unreasonably cheap—hanging inscriptions
From the Late T’ang, Emperors decorating
A deck of cards, tee shirts of Obama as Chairman
Mao, as bored concessionaires gesture left
And right at the approach of foreigners…but
Even savvy as I am, you got the better of me:
So vulnerable out in the late winter—though
Legendary for helping others, especially
Travelers at sea, crying out for you who’s free
Of self-concern, who now must hear from all
The billions about to drown in what we think
Is real…So who am I to purchase you? In terms
Of money I was taken, paying nearly 20 bucks,
Although, in truth, I gave in…to your composure
Unmoved by the lows in February, humble
As a trinket, impractical as a paper-weight—
Going out into the world, holding something
Round, cupped lightly in your free hand…I’m
Not sure what. The planet to scale? A proton?


Brad Comann has published poetry and creative non-fiction over the years, mainly in the US. He lives now in China.

  1. Love this interaction of the two realms, Brad… what exactly has happened? the poet reflecting, yet also purchasing… two realms connected in the moment…

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