Dion OReilly

In Issue 6 on May 29, 2011 at 4:02 pm

The Beginning of Beauty

The thin, silver scratch
of the moon
in an obsidian sky
so dead, like the memory of warmth,
and I, a tiny child,
as my mother
whispers, points
to the opal crescent
and tells me not to forget
the beauty of that
cold satellite.

years later
as the evening
is dissolving,
scattering along pink cliffs
while I make my way,
breathless, crazy, loopy
laughing alongside my sister
on a ridge top
over Sitka
our eyes full
of the jumbled mess of the sky.

And always, there’s
my horse. White,
in the wind,
his tail up
with his nostrils blowing
knowing that he loves me.

And before that

and before that
an ocean.


Dion OReilly writes predominantly about Santa Cruz, California where she has spent most of her life. Her writing and/or artwork have been published in the Cerise Press, Porter Gulch Review, Lily Literary Review, Antithesis Common, Dark Sky Magazine, The Psychology Quarterly, The Lifeline, Writing Raw, Existere Journal, The Doula, The  Istanbul Review, and the upcoming issue of the Redwood Coast Review. Her essay about the death of Michael Jackson was anthologized in the text, Goodbye Billie Jean. Currently she teaches English, Spanish, and ESL at a local high school.  


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