Alessandro Cusimano

In Issue 6 on May 25, 2011 at 12:18 pm

War Cry on the Stone Earth

if the Judgment did not lay the blame on me
the defeat
if the Assassin asked for mercy

under a priesthood of disgrace

the Whitish Light of the Icy God
is in love
with the beloved
first blood in the morning

in the pale carnage

short bodies fall

half a shadow
of the vermillion child
glides along the blade-beast
of a bluebottle-razor

in a rusty and purple garden

the amaranth sting whips the shot
and the Martyrdom with the rope flame

if Endless Father shed his own blood
if Heaven had no more blood

if Enemy of God I were a butterfly

if Demon of Devils I accepted
on a whim
the agony and invoked sweetly
the madness

If upheld I swear
the torment
if implored mercy

if Beautiful Prince I tore my teeth
and my eyes

if small arms rich in blood
waved flags
painted like butterfly wings

Alessandro Cusimano was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy, on July 2, 1967. He lives in Rome, where he is jewelry designer, writer, poet, translator. Son of a painter and a teacher, his life was marked, very young, by recurrent and painful bouts of depression. Nevertheless, this does not detract him from research and study of narrative techniques, his poetic style; with a special focus on visual arts, from painting to cinema, from photography to theatre, lived with deep introspection. Anarchist and visionary, painful and surreal, his works reflect on anxiety, crush conventions and illusions, proclaiming, with a barrage of words, that life is, by its nature, a scandal. An unconventional path, funny and desperate, populated by staring puppets and strange creatures whose life unfolds between sarcasm and resentful emotion.

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