Ashley Martin

In Issue 6 on April 1, 2011 at 11:00 am

Industrial Park, February

Who divided the day into shifts?

Monks did it, somewhere in Europe

before there was steel. Buttresses flew


the body wanted to

but the alloy of soul

is hard:


something in Aristotle told them

natural place seeks natural motion

so turbines spin


cooling the womanish

coils into planes

the angles of men


making metal and words

like american to go everywhere

the body stays


this place the heart rings

its factory bell

finding the act beautiful enough



Ashley Martin is a librarian, mom and avid runner. Some of her poems have appeared in Quadrant Quarterly, Caper Journal, and Nibble.

  1. This is superb Ashley, those last lines tolling like a heartbeat.

  2. Ashley, I love the ending. The last line–perfect.

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