M.J. Iuppa

In Issue 5 on March 10, 2011 at 7:38 pm


By mid-winter, Ontario’s coastline appears world-weary.
A fleet of icebergs rise up, casting petulant shadows,
warning us to keep our distance– water echoes below.

We wonder if it’s a riddle or a test? How will we
figure it out without stepping onto the marbled ice,
skirting craters and fissures– looking out to the edge

that vanishes into the pure cold spray of water?
Arctic air fills empty spaces– eddies into cul de sacs.
Terns, circling above, cry: turn back, turn back

before it’s too late– before fading light swallows us whole.
We look upward, our throats exposed to the sun and moon
drifting across a lavender sky. We realize our age.


M.J.Iuppa lives on a small farm near the shores of Lake Ontario. Recent and forthcoming poems in Grey Sparrow Journal, The Bryant Review, Tar River Poetry, The Apple Valley Review,
5923 Quarterly, tinfoildresses, The Chariton Review, The Raleigh Review, Victorian Violet Press, Le Mot Juste, 2009, Nova Scotia Review, Blueline, The Centrifugal Eye; in the following anthologies: From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright, edited by Bruce Henricksen and Robert Johnson, Lost Hills Books (2007); Eating the Pure Light, Poems honoring Thomas McGrath, edited by John Bradley, Backwaters Press (2009; The Poets Guide to the Birds, edited by Judith Kitchen and Ted Kooser, Anhinga Press (2009); Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease, edited by Holly Hughes, Kent State UP (2009); Eating her Wedding Dress: A Collection of Clothing Poems, edited by Vasiliki Katsarou, Ruth O’Toole and Ellen Foos, Ragged Sky Press (2009); a lyrical essay in Gulf Coast, fiction in The Northville Review and Six Sentences; a chapbook, As the Crow Flies, Foothills Publishing, (2008). And most recently, a second full collection, Within Reach, Cherry Grove Collections (2010). She is Writer-in-Residence and Director of the Arts Minor Program at St. John Fisher College; and is currently serving as a poetry advisor for the New York Foundation for the Arts (2007-2011).

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