D.H. Sutherland

In Issue 5 on January 13, 2011 at 12:26 pm

The Appearances

I am sure there are many purgatories, the one that waits
mindful of the one that’s pass.

Believing as much, the incorrigible man may confuse
the appearance, its breeze for the animation,

Yet I am sure there are many purgatories.
The teapot’s hiss beneath a dieter’s grumble,

the midwife slumped over unlivable options,
life’s privileged positions!

Out back our garden blossoms with dahlia, ivy, rose,
all leafy plants lob their arms into space,

Never turning their face towards us, shame, listen, mere
objections. And the irises’ bright cajoling

roll up their good byes, well, good riddance! We finish meal,
rest our glass on table, shake off the weeds and brush

whose small intractable tongues mourn as sun sets
on what this evening in its repose cannot hide.


D.H. Sutherland‘s work has been published in “The American Literary Review”, “The Midwest Quarterly”, “The Hollin’s Critic”, “APR”, “The Adirondack Review”, Poetry Magazine” and other journals.

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