Donny Duke

In Issue 5 on January 10, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Ancient and Probably Handling

Simple conformity
Is your main show,
What’s on the bridge at the helm at the moment.
You’re dancin’ on a pretty old graveyard.
Some will think it Christmas.
I like it better than Christmas;
I can have all the quotes I want.
The Gospel says
The textbook says.
I don’t know what happened.
Come ‘ere,
Feel about plan an existence?
I feel it’s all given up.
Well that boy’s not dead yet.
Let’s slow ‘em down.
We should get a bottle opener.
Frank has room.

To be honest I paint my room away from Mozilla.
I’m gonna make a deal:
We’re gonna get from dad our post;
We’re leaving
Says life’s burning questions.
I might shortlist an answer I get on TV,
— Ever play poker? —
But when it comes right down to it
I’ll arm myself with answers.
You’re too busy
To sports that car.
I’m just too busy.
They’re in their village.
A dentist appointment,
He may have that done:
Pull his teeth.
A bit of practical orange organic
And you’d stay away from frozen foods.
Knock up the infrastructure.
Come and read over there:
Inner life science.
It’s your own management to concern.
The page roll out.
I’m speakin’
From that dynamic.
You hear the inner voice?

That volleyball,
When I go talk to him
I ask questions.
It’s a residency program.
Books and pictures
Are much too valuable to disable.
Open windows covered
A mosaic when I was there.
That shows what you get
In the first field of answers:
Humpty dumpty,
Little green men,
And there you are to save the world.
It’s fat attraction.
Roll over,
This army blind.
Dig deeper.

A few days ago
You were on a trip past villages.
By the way,
Did you know there is a house child?
Did you know they do?
It’s in your living wear:
The hub of home.
You have to get another person.
Another person
Not what it is.
I think I will stay here,
Not in this house.
Is God a joint?
Hey what is he?
It’s what he’s wearin’:
Wanna take something home?
First some information:
Just remember
Larger concepts than these.
Bring it all to a head.
Daddy buy my bag.
You’re lookin’ beyond answers.
You’re lookin’ for a place you know.
Let’s see some construction.

The stoppin’ place?
You’re being trapped;
You’re being tricked.
You got a message:
A way station
Enlightenment’s peaks.
I had no idea.
I didn’t know what time it was.
Don’t go and die.
Enlightenment’s a deep intermission.
It’s home base field.
God is bigger than that light.
We grow on.

Hey scholar,
We’re waitin’ here.
Let’s let this Indian girl tall out.
She’s rather tall.
When know why I’m cryin’?
Imagine how hard it is:
I’m gonna have four babies,
Multiple perspectives,
Four poles of seeing,
Like this is the top notch.
Wait here daddy,
King approach.
Let you hold out
There are no books about it,
At least not on the review list –
The idea
Secret all along.
Wait here for the time to come.
A station over the top of your head
Is approach.
You take things from here.
Proceeds pretty much
Under its directing gaze.
It guides the world.
At the moment
The world can’t go there.
Many overtures.
But Supermind is beyond a sphere,
And the world cannot see that big.

You can send him up to the father to talk to him today,
But now
Step back.
Iron the troubled world,
Letting the air out
Of every cornerstone of thought
Of every distance you sing.
This would wrap around whirlwinds,
Come home on a…
Was that a dog?
Was that the door blocked?
One word:
I love you.
Two emery boards:
God exists;
There’s no place he does not.
Not exactly on his trail:
Love my partner;
Love my books.
Who let the dogs out?
Who let the doctor in?

You blew your book
Mr. Poetry sir.
It’s not my book.
Their primary reason
They poked their head in this knowledge…
Was to save my life.
Wanna wear my clean underwear?
Leavin’ experiments saved by day.
I began hearin’ songs to liberate me.
Find muscle
There was a long delay.
I got a haircut.
The barber,
That would be some divinity’s outreach,
A divine choral orchestra.
I write large paychecks.
Give this poem you see some extra credit.
Visual door.
I write visions down
Poetry kit.
It is a rather different process
Than do I believe?
Find the secret code
Took six thousand years.
Can you visual symbol?

Way down deep in my heart
Now cuttin’ tablets.
Oh you should go.
You should do this.
I’m amazed at all the time.
This is more individual than me,
Than yesterday.
It captures the tone of the moment.
Banana peals all over the place.
What this picture?
I’m twenty minutes late inside eleven.
School mass handy.
I’m reducin’ it
A football.
I’m not enlightened.
Large credit card.
I’m not afraid of action.
I see you’re playin’ with your couch?
I’m liftn’ voices.
Historical romance.

You wanted me to conform,
Conform to your laws,
The way you fix things.
The voice is public.
I’m singing a song,
My attic.
Good music in here.
Everyday evening I write something.
Sets in morning.
Now send it in.
How send it in?
It has no place to go to.
Poetry on today’s menu conforms.
They’re not eating it
The reading public.
Now take a look at it.
Well take a look at it.

You’ll be fine
Was said to me.
Make one package:
That’s one type of music
Everybody else is writing.
So many styles
Now what is that mouthpiece opening?
Roll call,
God and company
To the backseat bump.
Remember now
It’s inside
I’m talking to you.
I write different poetry.
I write something else.
I can’t write someone else.
It’s a book
Sittin’ on an office
Took to the lighthouse.
Its jacket,
What’s the most important thing that we have?
I think you’re blocking it.
Set in.
It goes bouncing down there:
I highlight
Individual mood
With raincoat.
Now it’ll be
Where a society
That poetry form.

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