Christy Collins

In Issue 4 on October 31, 2009 at 7:43 am

Journey beautiful into everything you want but can not have and love even with out seeing. The things you have faith in from books and lives other than your own – write me letters from there, those places of your dreams (and mine_) and we will grow old together knowing we saw together all we ever wanted to see – alive, our hearts beating deep in our bodies and all of us where we longed to go –gentle, soft and safe. Tiny and insignificant, without disturbing the dust with out sandals, treading softer than any traveller before us and more beautiful, purer than everything we’ve ever seen in real life – because the distractions fall away and you allow yourself the beauty of pure reality untainted by this that we distract ourselves with you are always deep inside this and it lives in you so write me postcards from there when you are most deeply yourself and most completely alive – alone with the most important of your works. God sees this and it is good. He cries out your beautiful name – be mine always he calls to his creatures as they dance in his creation. As they learn to join his co-creators, artists of all the beautiful colours of all the beautiful forms he says: go forth be fruitful, I have called you to this, you are mine.

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