Ash Krafton

In Issue 3 on May 1, 2009 at 11:20 am


The difference
between mystery and darkness,
challenge and despair,
doubt and defeat:

Unconditional love
surrounds us,
strengthens us,
saves us from ourselves.

Love offers itself
like a favor
when we feel unworthy.

It is love
from which we may draw,
and love that we return
even as we share it.

This love is the line
we use to draw
the shape of

Ash Krafton: I am an emerging writer who has earned a number of distinctions in various national writing contests for essay, poetry, and novel-length fiction. Most recently, my novel Bleeding Hearts won grand prize in the 2008 Maryland Writers’ Association writing competition.

  1. Nice job …I do like the poem and will be sending the link to some of my friends. Consider this an honor, though I might like your work, I don’t always share it with others….love ya!

  2. Very inspiring. At the end of the poem, one couold only think of scripture with the feeling…, “God is Love!”

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