Wendy Vardaman

In Issue 2 on November 1, 2008 at 11:36 am

Mother Contemplates Paradise

Walk into winter dazzle, sun-light
bouncing off every blank and blanketed object,
listen to traffic’s intensified roar,
each particulate car
part of the total stream, like blown
flakes that saturate this blue-sky air;
they’re everywhere: the storm
that echoes beyond the storm’s life.
Wind whips loose edges of thin
pants that do nothing sub-zero
to stand between blade and skin.
It’s all a blur—sound, sight,
sense—except for this: one dry
leaf cartwheeling over drifts, and one
wheel chair making slow but steady
progress across the wide street.
This wind passes through that body
too, gathers to powder
us both into a million snow-bright particles
dispersed with no particular care,
to release what, if anything, remains:
puff that joins the hurricane.

Wendy Vardaman, Madison, WI, has a Ph.D. in English from University of Pennsylvania. Her poems, reviews, and interviews have appeared in a variety of anthologies and journals, including Riffing on Strings, Letters to the World, Poet Lore, Poemeleon, qarrtsiluni, Main Street Rag, Nerve Cowboy, damselfly,Free Verse, Wisconsin People &Ideas, Women’s Review of Books, Rain Taxi Review, and Portland Review. When not writing, she home schools two of her three children and works at the children’s theater, Young Shakespeare Players.

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