Mary Owens

In Issue 2 on November 1, 2008 at 11:45 am

Your lazy left-step right-step
  puts ground behind you,
  but it's your life
you grind
under your reckless leather.

Your spirit stays a step ahead;
  shakes your shoulders,
  slaps your face-
puts cats on the road
‘neath your feet.

Left step tick, right step tock,
  and your countdown sounds
  while you gaze behind,
tossing seconds like sand,
and whistling.

A stray cat  follows you
  like a poor grade does a child;
  but you don't study, just keep walking,
now it trips you-
left step right step.

You disentangle
  your feet from the cat,
  your favorite tune fills your mind;
the cat shakes his head and trips you
repeatedly, through your lifetime.

Orchid Prayer

A deep purple orchid
  and its graceful bend;
  the shy loveliness

so exquisite as to send
  a stab of pain, the depth of
  which I willingly embrace;

makes me wonder,
  is the prayer in my pain,
or the gratitude on my face?

Mary Owens writes poetry, fiction, essays, plays and personal histories, and has won awards for poetry, short story, essay, and playwriting. Her first poetry manuscript, What to Whisper When I Pass includes The Fortress of Your Face, a top 100 winner in Writer’s Digest’s 2007 Writing Competition. As a member of Silver Creek Writers she speaks on Writing for Social Change, and conducts workshops and seminars.

  1. I think “Lessons” is a pretty succinct, wry metaphor for our walking this life-road.
    Enjoyed it.

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