Sarah Sarai

In Issue 1 on May 1, 2008 at 11:25 am

This Flesh Divine

Let any place paw on flesh divine, monkey bread
female nudged and godly, this thing like pears dewed
and burst peaches, heaped splashy in containers
brightly strange weird as first voyage, one of two.

Please don’t trade looks like baseball cards, each
with its value private and boasts. Remember
our years wilderness encaved, snake in one life-flash,
pumping hard her wings, angel next, then again friend
serpent twisting, digesting life slow-like as he mute
wriggles without grip of the plan’s nod to anarchic
inclusion of the random, which-if we’d accepted
before a wilderness of frozen constellations, not like
charts but mobiles in a nursery when the switch is off
and parents peek at blessed babes like us nodding out
to stenciled reality-we would disallow Teddy’s
nonallergenic love a safer source than each other.
All sweetie words ring rare true as soloist sopranos.

It’s not the heard mattering. Expecting little, receive,
grateful someone, where, there, hating not, killing not.
Every day is sacred blessed, is your day is this day.

Sarah Sarai‘s poems are in The Threepenny Review, The Minnesota Review, Pank, Main Street Rag, Helix Magazine and others. Her fiction is also in various journals. Visit her at


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