Raewyn Alexander

In Issue 1 on May 1, 2008 at 10:35 am

this could happen in a bright room

where a band plays and people laugh
anywhere a boat could drop anchor
or directly beside you so close
I could kiss your cheek
but my love I don’t hide my love there

my love is hidden in rain and the dirt
it flits about the way email messages do
nothing so easy you can push it
this love’s the way people dance
and sing when they forget anyone could laugh

my love asks for nothing
and opens
the universe unfolds too
a gigantic cup peeling back on itself
I imagine a question for that answer

years built caution into a fence
I leap around inside myself
the love itself is a cat with another home
and it visits and watches
in the heat where silence saves me

Raewyn Alexander works as an editor and Communication consultant, she has nine books published in NZ and some work in Australia and the USA. She recently travelled twice to the Overload Poetry Festival in Melbourne, when they asked her over the ditch. More here

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