Anna Rugis

In Issue 1 on May 1, 2008 at 10:00 am

Partition – for AZ

fly now
to the house of your grandfather

you’ve stayed too long
in that blazing building
trying to defend
the indefensible

though your legs are black
and your wings singed
it’s not too late

the world is spiked with ruins
of moghul palaces
haunts of djinns in stolen clothes
in overtime
even the shadowless find protection

which is why we wander
these virtual cities in tatters
pulling stragglers
from the path of stray bullets

take refuge on this forgotten roof
in the sheen of slate
the whistle and lift
of countless jubilant voices

Anna Rugis – singer/songwriter/poet. Former backup singer for Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, The Kinks, Cliff Richard, the Peddlars. She has just released her third CD of original songs entitled Traffic in Gold. Her poems have been included in Poetry Aotearoa, JAAM, brief, Takahe, Poetry NZ, Catalyst, foam:e, and on-line LYNX magazine (USA).


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